“Most people don’t think about how they are going to get food everyday, but that’s what I worry about every day. So when this came along, I knew at least we would have something in our cupboard for this weekend.”

Our Parents

“It makes me very happy to get Blessings in a Backpack. One time my mom cried because she was happy that we had some food now.”

Our Kids

“The love and generosity that this program has extended to our students, families, and faculty is astonishing”

Our Principals

Hunger Doesn’t Take the Weekend Off

Blessings in a Backpack- Floyd County chapter is our effort to ensure that Floyd County is a “hunger-free zone” for children. Through a partnership with Blessings in a Backpack National and donations from our community we are able to feed elementary school age children Pre-K through 6th grade whose families may not have enough food on the weekends.

What We Do

During the week, children that receive federal free or reduced lunch depend on meals provided by the school. Sometimes, these are the only meals these children will have.

BIAB Floyd County makes sure that students enrolled in the program are getting nutritious meals over the weekend. Our volunteer team raises funds to purchase food, that is delivered to the schools, and distributed to kids. Every Friday, students receive their bags with food that require little to no preparation. They return on Monday, ready to learn.

We partner with Blessings in a Backpack National & Sysco Foods in Louisville to help us provide low cost nutritional meals

A Bag Of Food Includes
Blessings in a Backpack Floyd County partners with Sysco to provide the food our students. We are able to offer a variety of nutritional, “kid-friendly” food options for our prepackaged meal kits. Food solutions are carefully selected to ensure that we are providing the best nutrition possible for the money spent.
Kid-friendly foods are selected: individual servings that don’t require a can opener, microwave, or stove. Menu items provide convenient and portable sources of fuel and energy that the kids can serve themselves–all at an economical price point.

Our Impact

This food impacts children in numerous ways. Consistent nutrition is necessary for children to participate at school. In a national evaluation project, results show that in addition to no longer feeling weekend hunger pangs, children fed by Blessings experience the following impact on their lives:

  • 59% find it is easier to learn at school
  • 60% do not get in trouble as much
  • 78% feel cared for by their community
  • 71% feel they are helping their family
  • 60% of children report that their school attendance is better

Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports illustrate the impact that we have in Floyd County.  Click here to review the Annual Reports.

BIAB Annual Report 2020-2021

BIAB Annual Report 2019

Just think: Every weekend thousands of children in our county spend an entire weekend hungry or without food. You can help feed a child for as little as $3.75 every weekend. Donate today.

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