Over $20,000 in Donations Received From NAFCS Employees, Parents and Students This Year

Grassroots activity is a huge part of our fundraising plan for Blessings in a Backpack of Floyd County.  Volunteers from each of our 10 elementary schools serve on our Steering Committee and work continually to seek private donor support.  However, the most amazing thing is the personal donations we received from teachers, staff, PTOs and parents!  These folks know that kids are better able to learn when they are well-nourished.

We are SO incredibly grateful for these groups who worked within their individual school communities to secure donations to Blessings.  Read below to see a few of the many ways our school communities have come together to support Blessings:

NAFC Education Association – This is the teachers association of Floyd County, which conducted a “Feed to Read” fundraiser seeking donations from teachers at every school in the corporation — elementary, middle and high school.  Employees at every school in the corporation made personal donations to Blessings, with Georgetown Elementary being the big winner!  In total, the association raised $5,500 for Blessings this year.

Children’s Academy ELC – School employees have been instrumental in reaching out to promote the mission of Blessings and ask parents, school volunteers and others in the community to donate to the cause.

Fairmont Elementary – The school has scheduled a special non-dress code day on which students may buy a pass to participate and all proceeds will go to support Blessings.

Floyds Knobs Elementary – The school has held several fundraising projects this year called “Creative Cougar Contests.”  Students are allowed to “rent” one of the large wooden cougars mounted on the wall for $20 and then use their creative skills to decorate it.  The student body brought in money to vote for their favorite Cougars.  The PTO conducted a donation drive and raised enough money to pay for all FKE students who receive Blessings backpacks as well to be able to sponsor students at other schools.

Floyd Central High School – The PTO collected donations from parents and the students in the Interact Club set up a table during their lunch periods for a whole week and collected money from their fellow students.

Georgetown Elementary – The school conducted a “Read to Feed” fundraiser, a door decorating contest and their school staff also made donations.  The PTO also planned a special evening for fathers and daughters called “A Knight to Remember.”  Approximately 550 people attended this event for girls elementary age or younger.  The girls all received tiaras and carnations. They had a DJ, dancing, photo booth and refreshments.

Grant Line Elementary – The student council is hosting a Color Run to raise money for the Blessings program.  In addition, the school held a spirit week to encourage donations to Blessings. The PTO held a Penny War during the school book fair and collected change jars at the Holiday Festival.  The school staff have also had several events, like Crockpot Wars, to raise money for Blessings.

Greenville Elementary – The PTO conducted a Walk-a-thon and raised enough money to pay for all Greenville students who receive Blessings backpacks as well to be able to sponsor students at other schools.

Green Valley Elementary – The school staff have been leaders in reaching out to the community to seek private donations.  Internally, the school staff also brought in donations for Blessings by allowing folks to choose which of the school’s teachers should win the “cutest baby” contest.

Mt. Tabor Elementary – The student council held a Winter Party for 3rd and 4th graders and the entry fees were donated to Blessings. The student council also collected money for Blessings during their school Talent Show.

S. Ellen Jones Elementary – The school helped organize the Color Run in New Albany sponsored by Clean Socks Hope.  The proceeds were donated to Blessings.  The staff is also conducting a “Biggest Loser” contest and the money will go towards blessings.

Slate Run Elementary – The school staff has worked to develop relationships and secure donations from local entities like Harvest Homecoming.  In addition, the school is having a Spirit Night at Zesto’s to raise money for Blessings.

A HUGE thanks goes out to everyone who supported Blessings with a donation during one of these fundraising events!  Blessings in a Backpack is truly a community effort to help kids in need in Floyd County.

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